Monday, August 10, 2009


Our federal deficit grew $181 BILLION in the single month of July.  Consumer bankruptcies increased 34% in July.  President Obama has been trying to position July as "silk purse" from the "sow's ear" of not loosing jobs as fast as we were.   Obama's Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is asking Congress to increase our debt limit.   Apparently it is "critically important" that we get our Visa card limit increased above the current $12.1 TRILLION within the next two months.

The reaction from the Democrats in Congress?  

First priority is to establish a war room to counter the angry mobs opposed to dropping $1 TRILLION over the next 10 years into expanding government entitlements for people without health insurance.    The current administration and the Democrats in Congress appear to be pushing toward a passage of Universal Health Insurance without input from Republicans, or the public.  

I am glad that Obama has been able to move the Democrat party away from that "free spending liberal" image they have been un-fairly labeled with.   

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