Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Jihad in America

I guess these guys didn't get the memo regarding that whole "moderate Islam" thing:

I have a friend who believes me to be some type of religious racist.   I don't believe that I am.  I challenged him to read the Koran, then come talk to me.  He hasn't taken me on that yet.   History is full of people who have tried to hide their hate and evil behind a shield of religion.  Islam hides it's hate and evil behind a shield tolerance.   The gift of God's grace can not be earned.  Certainly not by waging war or killing non-believers.  It is truly a "gift".   Simply ask, and it is given freely. 

I am torn, because by stating these beliefs am I really any different then them?   I really don't hate Muslims.  I just become very concerned when I evaluate the "fruit of the tree".  

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