Saturday, August 22, 2009

Et tu, Brute?

Even members of the left are beginning to question the methods of the Obama administration. What is NOT mentioned in this clip from the left leaning Air America, is the part of the deal where pharma agrees to spend $150 million in marketing support of the Obama health care plan.

Bob Herbert of The New York Times asks:

"The president has not made it clear to the general public why health care reform is his top domestic priority when the biggest issue on the minds of most Americans is the economy. Men and women who once felt themselves to be securely rooted in the middle or upper middle classes are now struggling with pay cuts, job losses and home foreclosures — and they don’t feel, despite the rhetoric about the recession winding down, that their prospects are good." Entire article HERE

Even the Orange County Register is beginning to doubt whether the President's wardrobe has any actually cloth:

"...the president retains his formidable political skills, artfully distracting attention from his stimulus debacle with his health care debacle. But there are diminishing returns to his serial thousand-page, trillion-dollar boondoggles. They may be too long for your representatives to bother reading before passing into law, but, whatever the intricacies of Section 417(a) xii on page 938, people are beginning to spot what all this stuff has in common: He's spending your future. And by "future" I don't mean 2070, 2060, 2040, but the day after tomorrow." Article HERE

In the words of the late, great Hunter S. Thompson, "How long, o Lord, how long?"

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