Sunday, November 3, 2013

Let Me Finish Interrupting!

Notice how liberals tend to say "let me finish" as they interrupt anyone with an opposing view?  And everyone else is to blame?   Keep in mind this guy is considered by many to be the architect of ObamaCare. It's Mitt Romney's plan when it doesn't work.

It's For Your Own Good. Trust Me.

To anyone paying attention, this is not a surprise.  The only surprise is that it took so long.

"Democrat delegate candidate Kathleen Murphy said that since many doctors are not accepting medicaid and medicare patients, she advocates making it a legal requirement for those people to be accepted."

Another Question With No Valid Answer

197 senior military officers have either been fired or relieved of duty by President Obama, including "...U.S. Africa Command head Gen. Carter Ham being shown the door by Obama for questioning orders against a rescue mission in Benghazi on Sept. 11, 2012, when our ambassador and three other U.S. personnel were killed by Islamist terrorists.  Rear Adm. Chuck Gaouette, a carrier strike group commander, was also relieved for assisting forces ordered into action by Ham."

The White House has repeatedly stated that no 'stand-down' order was given.  Yet a General and an Admiral were relieved of duty for ignoring a 'stand-down' order and attempting to send help to Benghazi.

Medal of Honor recipient and retired Major General Patrick Brady, and the former Commanding General of the US Army Delta Force retired Army Lt. Gen. William G. Boykin are speaking out.  Investor's Business Daily has the story, click for the link.

Exit Question:  If a man is known by the enemies he creates, what does this say about President Barack Obama? 

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


One thing you can always count on from Liberals:  They always justify whatever they believe they must do in order to justify the results.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Benghazi Benghazi Benghazi

According to a report on 27 October, Obama ordered the immediate removal of Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette from his command of the powerful Carrier Strike Group Three (CSG-3) currently located in the Middle East.
US news reports on Obama’s unprecedented firing of a powerful US Navy Commander during wartime state that Admiral Gaouette’s removal was for   “allegations of inappropriate leadership judgment” that arose during the strike group’s deployment to the Middle East.
This GRU report, however, states that Admiral Gaouette’s firing by President Obama was due to this strike force commander disobeying orders when he ordered his forces on 11 September to “assist and provide intelligence for” American military forces ordered into action by US Army General Carter Ham, who was then the commander of the United States Africa Command (AFRICOM), against terrorist forces attacking the American Consulate in Benghazi, Libya.
General Ham had been in command of the initial 2011 US-NATO military intervention in Libya who, like Admiral Gaouette, was fired by Obama. And as we can, in part, read from US military insider accounts of this growing internal conflict between the White House and US Military leaders:
“The information I heard today was that General [Carter] Ham as head of Africom received the same e-mails the White House received requesting help/support as the attack was taking place. General Ham immediately had a rapid response unit ready and communicated to the Pentagon that he had a unit ready.
General Ham then received the order to stand down. His response was to screw it, he was going to help anyhow. Within 30 seconds to a minute after making the move to respond, his second in command apprehended General Ham and told him that he was now relieved of his command.”

60 Minutes Benghazi Report

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Birthdays, Sheepdogs, Chris Cuomo, Truth, and Accountability

Today Navy SEAL Lt. Michael Murphy would have celebrated his 37 birthday.  Details of the remarkable  life of service of this American, and the sacrifice he made for his men  can be found here.  Celebrate this day through courage, integrity, and kindness.  The sheep owe the sheepdogs.  We have a responsibility to truth and accountability.

I've had a fun exchange on twitter with Chris Cuomo, CNN's new fair haired morning news boy (hey, he IS a good looking guy).  They are pinning their hopes that he will be able to bring in the viewers.  Chris comes from a family with an impressive history of public service. The viewing public grew tired of CNN morning host Soledad O'Brien.  Ms. O'Brien approached her show carrying quite a bit of water for her agenda.  I suspect that part of her downfall was she refused to accept or admit that she was indeed biased.  Very biased actually.  Ratings would suggest that viewers tend to be more forgiving of a host who acknowledges a bias and acts accordingly over one who claims to be an actual reporter who then spouts off talking points pulled off one of the web site of one of the political parties PAC.  Even to the end she insulted her viewers by signing off with the words, "...facts matter and we shouldn't be afraid to have tough and honest conversations...".  Of course if you ever watched her panel discussions or interviews, they were anything but 'tough and honest'.  Plus I doubt she spent much time fishing.  You'll have to refer to my twitter feed for that one.

'Fox and Friends' mixed some news, friendly banter from the hosts just to remind you that you are watching Fox, and the occasional human interest story that usually involves cheerleaders or girls in bikinis.

'Morning Joe' used to engage in some very serious and interesting discussions on politics and foreign policy.  Former Republican Joe Scarborough surrounded by moderate liberals were able to bring in interesting guests  and engage in conversation without interrupting and shouting at each other.  But since the election Mr. Scarborough seems to taken on a role of playing 'red-on-red' critic of the Republican party.  I understand his position of wanting to expand background checks, but while the world events continue to expose the gaps between the right and the left (Gosnell abortion trial, sending arms to Egypt) his show has turned into a single topic, bashing opponents of expanded background checks.  I'm sure that pleases his handlers at MSNBC, who are more than happy to ignore the growing Benghazi scandal of a possible lies and cover-up. Co-host Mika created a buzz when she refused to report any more Paris Hilton stores, and actually burned the printed copy rather than read it. But I suspect she would rather interview Ms. Hilton then bring on Darrell Issa to discuss why Hillary Clinton told the families of the Benghazi victims they were going to 'arrest and prosecute' the man responsible for the youtube video.

America lost four good men in Benghazi.  Two were public servants performing their jobs at the direction of the Secretary of State of the United States of America.  Two were killed while protecting our diplomatic station and the people stationed there.  The details of those events, and the heroism of our 'sheepdogs' has been reported elsewhere, mostly in the British press and on the internet, and those details are not the reason for this post.  However the actions of our government after the attack is.  As much as the Obama administration and the willing U.S. media has wanted to sweep the entire incident under the same rug as Fast and Furious, there have been a tenacious few that kept asking questions while the major networks went on 24/7 Amanda Knox news cycle.

So here's my wish for Chris Cuomo.  What if your father or brother had been tapped to lead the U.S. station in Benghazi?  What if those SEALs had died while trying to save him?

You wouldn't care about reporting the latest scandalous trail of some girl who may have killed her boyfriend, or whatever hot topic the low informed voter was following.  You would want to find the truth and report it.  You would want to shout it from the rooftop and make people care. Even if that truth was harmful to those in power or seeking power.  Regardless of party. Regardless if I found that truth to be painful. Just the truth.

So my request to Chris Cuomo is this:  Give us the truth. Hold people accountable.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Response to Megan McCain

Who did Megan McCain support in the Republican primaries? Who did Megan McCain support in the 2012 election? Who do you think Megan McCain voted for in the 2012 election. Raise your hand if you believe Megan McCain voted for Barack Obama. Raise your hand if you asked, 'Who the hell is Megan McCain?' 

The daughter of Senator John McCain likes to tell the world she is a Republican. During her father's candidacy for President, she started blogging about life on the campaign bus and developed a small following. That lead to a writing gig with 'Daily Beast' and her efforts to trade on her last name and extend her 15 minutes of fame into a career


But Megan McCain has a problem. She believes that Republicans should be grateful that she is willing to call herself a Republican. And that out of that shear joy republicans should hand in their 'I'm a Conservative' cards and start sharing her liberal opinions.


 While Conservative pundits argued that the Republican party should shift to the right and embrace some the the Tea Party goals of fiscal responsibility with a little bit of Libertarian, Megan was tweeting photos with her new soul mate Sandra Fluke. It seems while drinking at the open bar they bonded over the knowledge that they are both hated just because they smart, outspoken women. Which of course isn't true. Megan McCain believes Christians should give up their opposition to abortion, and that Conservatives should embrace gay marriage at the expense of the religious rights of small businesses. She preaches that everyone else should adopt her views, although she refuses to recognize, or even understand, the rights and beliefs of those she criticizes. She accused others of being intolerant, between snarky comments directed at Conservatives who choose not to abandon their rights and beliefs as Christians, and as Americans. She jumps at every opportunity to appear and whine that the party of Michelle Malkin, Pam Geller, Jedediah Bila, Dana Loesch, Laura Ingrahm, Katie Pavlish, Dana Perino, Mary Kathrine Ham, S.E. Cupp, and of course Sarah Palin, just won't accept women with strong opinions.

Yesterday she tweeted:

"I don't understand what you gain by cannibalizing me out of the party? What do you gain? Seriously, why am I not good enough for my party?"

Let's start by having you admit it's not 'your' party. You are a young woman who has tried to make a career of going onto cable network opinion shows as a Republican criticising Republicans for being Republican, and now wonders why Republican don't like her.

Megan McCain, who went on every network to pitch her book and was more than happy to dance for the liberal media by calling Sarah Palin superficial and narcissistic, needs to take a hard look into a mirror of reality.

There is no "cannibalizing" going on. Just because you call yourself a Republican does not make you a party insider. You wanted to extend your 15 minutes by taking a bite out of the party whenever one of the networks called. But when the party bites back you cry foul. So no Megan, the party isn't big enough for both you and your ego.