Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Real Costs of Change

Four years of tax increases, then the "benefits" kick in.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


"Rather than reducing costs, the healthcare plan appears to shift costs to employers and higher-income households." - Economists John Silvia and Mark Vitner of Wells Fargo Securities

"The most obvious quantifiable impact of the bill is an increase in taxes for upper income Americans, particularly on investment income. [the law] will expand demand [for healthcare] without much effort to rein in costs." - David Kelly, an economist and chief market strategist at J.P. Morgan Funds

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Real Reform Vs Political Agendas

"Real reform doesn't require $569 billion in new tax increases on families and small businesses, slashing more than $400 billion from Medicare, the creation of hundreds of new federal programs and agencies and an all-powerful health care czar.

Real reform shouldn't force individuals and businesses to buy “government-approved” health care or require the IRS to hire more than 16,000 new agents just to enforce all the new mandates and taxes. Couldn't we use 16,000 more doctors and nurses instead?

The wrong path to reform is to raise the cost of health care on those who have it in order to give it to those who don't. Our focus, first and foremost, should be to lower health care costs so more people can afford it and fewer are uninsured.

A better solution is sitting in front of the president and can be voted on this weekend. It's H.R. 4038 — the step-by-step approach advocated by House Republicans. Built upon the advice of leaders of the Texas Medical Center who advocate retaining the best of America's current system while carefully addressing its complex shortfalls, H.R. 4038 is the only major reform bill the Congressional Budget Office confirms will actually lower health care premiums — by up to 10 percent." - Congressman Kevin Brady, 8th District of Texas

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Yes, It's That Bad

If the actions of the Democrat leaders of Congress are such that they are criticized by Chris Matthews, then it's really bad.

"The president's health plan won't solve a problem. It will be the start of bitter fights over funding and policy that will consume the nation for decades to come." - Wall Street Journal

This is where Obamacare is. Everyone knows it won’t work. As liberal Sen. Dick Durbin just admitted, “Anyone who would stand before you and say well, if you pass health care reform next year’s health care premiums are going down, I don’t think is telling the truth.” - Boston Herald

"We are on the verge of an overheated political meltdown over health care that will result in either a partisan, controversial law that polarizes Washington for years or nothing passing, which would spook Congress into another decade of inactivity." - Atlanta Journal Constitution

While the President's push toward the health care bill commands our government's focus, other issues continue to rise.