Saturday, January 29, 2011

Selling Your Soul for Political Correctness

Should American courts consider Islamic Shariah law when Muslims face justice?

From the Washington Times:

Texas and Wyoming want to make sure legal concepts based on the Koran don’t gain a foothold in America. Proposed state constitutional amendments would ban the use of Shariah and other forms of international law from the courtroom. On Election Day in November, Oklahomans gave an overwhelming 70 percent approval to a similar amendment to the Sooner State constitution.

While a Shariah ban ought to be a no-brainer, it has generated significant controversy. In November, a federal magistrate sided with the Council of American-Islamic Relations and ordered an injunction that blocked certification of Oklahoma’s amendment. Judge Vicki Miles-LaGrange wrote that a Muslim activist would suffer “a stigma attaching to his person, relegating him to an ineffectual position within the political community, and causing him injury” had the amendment been allowed to take effect. In other words, it might hurt someone’s feelings.

But why should care about such events? After all, Islam is the "Religion of Peace". As harmless and playful as a dolphin.

Sharks Are Not Misunderstood Dolphins, and Islam Is Not a Religion of Peace

It is happening in Europe, and it is coming to America.

Honor Killings In Buffalo and Arizona? Two Trials Prove This Is Happening Here.

Friday, January 28, 2011

ObamaCare is Great for ALMOST everyone

The number of ObamaCare wavers has jumped sharply from 222 to 733.

Just saying...

More ObamaCare Waivers: 40% Are Unions

No one can say that Obama doesn't reward those who do his dirty work.

Yesterday, the Deparment of Health and Human Services announced it had granted more than 500 new waivers to Obamacare's requirement that health plans have annual limits of no less than $750,000. This annual limit requirement climbs to $1.25 million next year and then to $2 million.

The reason these exemptions from the law are needed is that Obamacare forces all health insurance consumers to over-insure themselves and pay high premiums as a result. Without the waivers, many companies, non-profits and unions would simply drop their health plans. As of 2014, the waivers will no longer be available -- at least, that's the way the law is written.

It is worth noting that there are 166 union benefits funds now exempted from this requirement, which account for about 40 percent of the exempted workers. This means that although there are only 14.6 million unionized employees in the United States, and 860,000 of them are already exempted from this provision of Obamacare.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Totally Delusional

The sad thing isn't just how far left her views are, or how deeply she truly believes what she says. It's that she is able to rationalize everything, in perfect 20/20 hindsight completely neglecting anything she has said or done previously.

Listen what she says about the Tea Party...

And Princess Pelosi is an expert on all matters, and has no problem balancing her "Catholic faith" and her views on abortion.

And here's a little soft shoe dance around the issue of abortion in the ObamaCare plan. After watching this, let me know what her actual answer was.

Here she refers to "contraception" in the stimulus package as a nice way of saying "abortion. But unfortunitly her fellow Democrat doesn't follow up with the obvious question of 'how does government funding of an abortion today reduce the states costs over the long term?'