Thursday, April 4, 2013

My Response to Megan McCain

Who did Megan McCain support in the Republican primaries? Who did Megan McCain support in the 2012 election? Who do you think Megan McCain voted for in the 2012 election. Raise your hand if you believe Megan McCain voted for Barack Obama. Raise your hand if you asked, 'Who the hell is Megan McCain?' 

The daughter of Senator John McCain likes to tell the world she is a Republican. During her father's candidacy for President, she started blogging about life on the campaign bus and developed a small following. That lead to a writing gig with 'Daily Beast' and her efforts to trade on her last name and extend her 15 minutes of fame into a career


But Megan McCain has a problem. She believes that Republicans should be grateful that she is willing to call herself a Republican. And that out of that shear joy republicans should hand in their 'I'm a Conservative' cards and start sharing her liberal opinions.


 While Conservative pundits argued that the Republican party should shift to the right and embrace some the the Tea Party goals of fiscal responsibility with a little bit of Libertarian, Megan was tweeting photos with her new soul mate Sandra Fluke. It seems while drinking at the open bar they bonded over the knowledge that they are both hated just because they smart, outspoken women. Which of course isn't true. Megan McCain believes Christians should give up their opposition to abortion, and that Conservatives should embrace gay marriage at the expense of the religious rights of small businesses. She preaches that everyone else should adopt her views, although she refuses to recognize, or even understand, the rights and beliefs of those she criticizes. She accused others of being intolerant, between snarky comments directed at Conservatives who choose not to abandon their rights and beliefs as Christians, and as Americans. She jumps at every opportunity to appear and whine that the party of Michelle Malkin, Pam Geller, Jedediah Bila, Dana Loesch, Laura Ingrahm, Katie Pavlish, Dana Perino, Mary Kathrine Ham, S.E. Cupp, and of course Sarah Palin, just won't accept women with strong opinions.

Yesterday she tweeted:

"I don't understand what you gain by cannibalizing me out of the party? What do you gain? Seriously, why am I not good enough for my party?"

Let's start by having you admit it's not 'your' party. You are a young woman who has tried to make a career of going onto cable network opinion shows as a Republican criticising Republicans for being Republican, and now wonders why Republican don't like her.

Megan McCain, who went on every network to pitch her book and was more than happy to dance for the liberal media by calling Sarah Palin superficial and narcissistic, needs to take a hard look into a mirror of reality.

There is no "cannibalizing" going on. Just because you call yourself a Republican does not make you a party insider. You wanted to extend your 15 minutes by taking a bite out of the party whenever one of the networks called. But when the party bites back you cry foul. So no Megan, the party isn't big enough for both you and your ego.