Sunday, August 9, 2009

White Noise

The mob is angry, gathered with their pitchforks and banners.  They circle around the monster, comprised of the dead, unthinking corpse known as "Congress".    The monster lashes out, scared that the light from the torches will illuminate the patchwork of scars.  The monster swings wildly in self defense, hitting only air.  The mob noise increases, as it becomes more vocal with every new scared voice that joins.  The monster is confused, don't these people understand he really doesn't mean any harm?

And so goes another Town Hall meeting.   There appears to be very little middle ground.  People come for their own reasons, some are asking serious questions.  Others are just protesting and trying to shout down whoever is deemed to disagree with what is seen as the obvious and only right direction.   

I believe there are currently 5 different bills involving Universal Health Insurance making the rounds through congressional committees.   Most comments coming from the right appear to be inaccurate and designed to increase the fear of government intrusion into our personal lives.  Democratic members of congress struggle to defend their position for a bill that is still being written.   It is a spirited debate, to say the least.   People on the right need to calm down and take some of their own advice, 'Read the Bill'.   Some of the horror stories being said on talk radio just are not there, at least not as they are being presented.    HOWEVER, the left must stop demanding that we must push through massive changes that effect 17% of our total economy, as well as our basic quality of life.  Yes, it is an important issue.  All the more reason to bring EVERYONE to the table to conduct reasonable discussions.   The current system is working for 82% of Americans.  Can we just step back from the edge and seek to find a compromise solution.  

I am willing to put down my pitchfork and stop yelling, if you agree to downsize your monster  and take more time putting it together so it can withstand the light of day.  You should be comfortable takimg the time to show your monster won't impose a financial burden and actually improve our quality of life.  Only then will you earn the trust of the mob.  

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