Saturday, August 1, 2009

John McCain: What Might of Been...

“Never. Never have I seen such a transfer from the private enterprise system to the government of such massive scale”

Arizona Senator John McCain speaks to the Wall Street Journal regarding the current state of affairs and sheds a little insight into his Presidential campaign.   After a long silence, it would appear that the actions of the Obama administration and the direction of the current congress has caused him to find his voice of reason and fiscal conservatism and speak up.    

“Can you believe they are putting $6 million of pork into Homeland Security?”  They promised they wouldn’t do that. Ben Nelson [the Democratic senator from Nebraska] just inserted a $200,000 museum in Omaha into the legislative branch appropriations bill. These earmarks are a creeping disease. First members condemn them, then they condone, then they embrace them.  Eight or nine Republican appropriators routinely vote for this pork.  It’s killing our party.”

"I kept hearing during the campaign the stuff about McCain being weak on economics. They obsessed about this in the media. They never said Obama is weak on economics. I came to Washington as a Reaganite limited government tax cutter.”

Which is of course is very true.  Obama came to office with little experience in anything other then getting himself elected.   A review of Obama's background as a community organizer shows he taught how to protest against banks and embarrass them into lowering their lending standards and providing loans to people who otherwise wouldn't qualify.   Fiscal responsibility at it's finest.  With the most liberal voting record in congress during his very brief time in congress, Obama continues to move toward big government and expanded entitlement policies.     Obama's background and voting record (or lack of one) went mostly un-reported in the MSM, who are now very slowing starting to acknowledge that perhaps Obama is struggling in his new roll of actually having to make decisions.   The press presented Obama in such a favorable light they pretty much gift wrapped him and tied a bow around him.  The American public were so desperate for anyone who didn't look or sound like George Bush they bought it hook, line, and clunker.   

McCain also provided a rare comment regarding his running mate:

“Let’s face it, she galvanized our base in a way that I couldn’t. Everywhere she went she drew enormous and enthusiastic crowds like a rock star.” He says his only regret in selecting the Alaska governor was that no one on the campaign predicted the ferocity of the assaults against her. “To the liberal left, particularly the feminists, she is their worst nightmare.”

It would be hard to imagine anyone giving more of themselves to their country and coming back alive, or committing more themselves in the service of their country then John McCain.  Good to have you back, Senator McCain.  Now get to work and get us out of this mess.

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