Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Republican Health Care Plan

Several prominent Democrats have accused the Republicans of being the party of "no", and not offering any health plan options of their own.   Simply not true.  Rep. Paul Ryan introduced H.R. 2520, The Patient's Choice Act, back on May 20 of this year.  Long before Democrats starting accusing Republicans of NOT having a plan.   It currently sits in the House Ways and Means Committee along with TWO other Republican plans.   The entire bill may be read HERE.

What’s included? First, Title 1 is based entirely on a concept which most Democrats seem to back… focusing on incentives for preventative medicine and healthier lifestyles. Title 2 deals with one of the great problems in health insurance, allowing for state based health care exchanges and federal incentives for multiple states to band together, crossing state lines, to offer more choices (Same concept that is currently being proposed in Minnesota by Republican Governor Tim Pawlenty). And the state based exchanges would be charged with providing group rates to people across a multitude of circumstances to reduce rates.

Title 4 provides for supplemental health care assistance to low income families, along with both tax credits and advancement vouchers so they can purchase health insurance through these group plans. Limits are also placed on excessive premium charges by private insurance companies.

Next time you hear some White House mouth piece accusing others of misinformation, remember the Republican bills that have been buried by a Democratic Congress.  

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