Monday, October 12, 2009

America's Moral Compass

Hollywood big shot Harvey Weinstein has laid claim to being true North on America's Moral Compass in his support of child rapist Roman Polanski.  In a recent interview, Weinstein said that: 

" Hollywood has the best moral compass, because it has compassion...Whatever you think about the so-called crime,  Polanski has served his time.  I was with him the day he won the Legion of Honour in France, which was a spectacular day. I remember the incredible love and affection that people have for him."

Weinstein is producer for such Hollywood family classics as "Sin City", "Piranha 3-D", "Hell Ride", the "Scream" movies series, and Michael Moore's films.   I'm sure Mr. Weinstein is a great guy, but for him to step up to defend a man who fed a 13 year old girl drugs and alcohol, then rape and sodomize her is beyond belief.   "Compassion"...?   No one who has actually read the testimony from the trail (easily found on line), a young terrified 13 year old girl describing being raped and anally sodomized by a 36 year old man would use the word "compassion".   Regardless of the amount of time that has passed, coming forward to support an unrepentant pedophile who fled the country prior to sentencing and then claiming to be the moral compass of America in the same breath is a bit of a stretch.   The same Hollywood that thought it was a great idea to bring in celebrity trash talker Perez Hilton as a judge in the Miss USA contest.   I believe "Dumb Bitch"  was his reaction to her negative response on gay marriage.  Has America sunk so low into the cesspool?  

Apparently so.  Now the NFL players union has come out in opposition to Rush Limbaugh becoming an NFL team owner.  They deem Rush unworthy of being affiliated with one of America's great games.   So the same players union that fought against drug testing managed to get enough of their members out of the strip clubs and stop shooting people to get onto the news to vocalize their protest.  

There was a time in America that our moral compass was mirrored in the images created by Norman Rockwell.   In today's age of instant celebrity and new media we have Kim Kardashian and the producer of "Zack and Miri Make a Porno" setting our moral standards.  

What is your image of the values of America?   Here's mine.  If you don't know who these men are you should Google Randall Shughart and Gary Gordon and teach your children their story. 

It is time to stand up for what you believe in, and what you believe America should be.  If you do not make your voice heard, others will claim to speak on your behalf.   

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