Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Olympic Lessons

So Chicago didn't get the Olympics.  To be honest, I don't believe I would have notice if not for the press received by the Obamas and Oprah making the trip.  

Contrary to what the Obama Network claimed about what conservatives want, I was neutral on the issue.   It is absolutely surprising what is said on this "News" network.  

Just as a point of clarification, I don't wish half of ALL Americans to die.  Just the blacks and illegal aliens.  (That was a joke)

As usual, people on either side of the issue will point to the financial aspects of hosting an Olympics.  Does the host actually make money on the games?  Who knows.    No doubt that the Chicago team put together a competitive bid to become the host of the 2016 Olympics.  However on the surface it did appear that for their final push the USA was trying to win on star power alone.    The speeches made was lackluster at best.   As George Will said in a recent Washington Post column: 

I really don't care about who hosts the 2016 games.  But perhaps President Obama will be to gleam a lesson from these events.  Why would he put himself on the line for such a cause?  Aside from whatever political IOUs that were called in by his Chicago cronies, I can't help believe that the President had a vision of playing host to the new world he created, one of peace and harmony where everyone gets along and everyone has government provided health insurance.   Camelot on Lake Michigan.  With the king and queen of America presiding over the New World Order.  With Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck serving as court jesters to everyone's amusement.

In several polls, President Obama has maintained a strong popularity even when the majority disagree with the direction of his agenda.   Maybe upon some self reflection he will realize that it's really not about him.  It's not about what HE believes to be the most important issues to push through congress.   To quote the Clinton campaign, "It's the economy stupid".   It time to stop fooling around trying to push through a progressive social agenda, stop playing bridge with your ACORN buddies, and get serious about jobs, our economy, and our wars.   We lost another 230,000+ jobs last month, yet the greatest priority on the agenda is a massive overall impacting 17% of our total economy.   That's not to say that our health care system is perfect, but it is far from the greatest issue facing the country.    It's time for the President to consider how far he can actually go on just a smile and a well turn phrase.   Hopefully there is a lesson that it is time to stop being the progressive reformer who just wants the world to like him, and start being a true world leader.  

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