Thursday, February 24, 2011

Retired CIA Analyst Drug Out of Clinton Speech on 'Freedom of Speech'

Ray McGovern is 71-years-old.

Ray McGovern served his nation for 27 years as a CIA analyst.

Ray McGovern was bloodied, bruised and hauled off to jail when he was forcibly removed from a speech given by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The topic of Clinton's speech was on some of our most cherished rights as Americans; the freedom of speech and the freedom to peacefully protest without the threat of physical violence or intimidation.

During Clinton's address at George Washington University, McGovern, wearing a 'Veterans for Peace' shirt, stood and turned his back to the Obama's Secretary of State.

McGovern stated that he was "Standing motionless and wordless looking towards the back of the room when the Secretary of State is speaking is not what I would call disorderly conduct. The only disorderly conduct in that room was at the hands of the plain-clothed officer and the police man."

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