Sunday, August 15, 2010

President: No to Day of Prayer, Yes to Ramadan

Things that make you say hmmmmm....

In April, President Obama canceled White House National Day of Payer ceremony:

"Obama cancelled 2010 White House National Day of Prayer ceremony. The National Day of Prayer has historically been the first Thursday in May, since Harry S. Truman put it into effect in 1952, but wasn’t official until the days of Ronald Reagan.

For eight years, the White House held a celebration on the National Day of Prayer, and last year Obama cancelled the celebration, and the ceremony has been cancelled for 2010. In 2009, CNN reported that Obama was toning down the National Day of Prayer by cancelling the White House ceremony..."

While canceling the White House National Day of Prayer ceremonies President Obama continues to hold an annual dinner to celebrate the the Muslim holy month of Ramadan, where last year he paid tribute to what he called "a great religion and its commitment to justice and progress".

This year he spoke of Islam's "great diversity and racial equality...Islam has always been a part of America". No doubt it will be part of America now that President Obama has come out in support of the 9/11 mosque.

The name of the "9/11 mosque" Cordoba House, may not have meaning to most Americans. It is named after Cordoba Spain.

It's signifance in Islamic history is well known in the Muslim world. A bit of a history lesson:

"Cordoba was, of course, the seat of the caliphate established in what is now modern Spain after the Islamic invasion from North Africa in the 8th century A.D. The medieval occupation of Spain – “al-Andalus” – is considered by Islamic theorists to have been an inevitable step in the manifest destiny of Islam, and its eventual reversal through the lengthy European “Reconquista” a tragic but temporary triumph of the infidels. The great mosque at Cordoba was built on the foundation of a Christian cathedral...(Muslims then went on to) sell its inhabitants into slavery, provide a base for slaver raids into other parts of Europe, and rule by the sword in much of the caliphate."

President Obama continues to stand up for the rights of illegal immigrants, and seems to go to extremes in order to reach out to Muslims (actual press releases from US Department of the Treasury and NASA???). He appears to have little interest in white Christians who pay their taxes, those of us who are bitter and cling to our guns and religion who continue to express alarm and frustration regarding the direction our country is heading.

Here is video of the President's complete speech from last week's Ramadan dinner:

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