Sunday, August 8, 2010

60,000 Anchor Babies Born in Texas Annually

From The Dallas Morning News:

Meanwhile, the Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Ill.), chairman of the Democratic Caucus Immigration Task Force, accused Republicans who want to study the 14th Amendment's birthright citizenship of "attacking" unborn children.

Appearing on CNN Friday, Gutierrez said talk of holding hearings on the amendment was an effort to "demonize children in the wombs of their mothers."

"These are the people that are for the sanctity of life," Gutierrez said. "And, yet, they're going to attack an unborn child and say, if that child is born, we will get rid of it from this country immediately."

However it seems that Rep. Gutierrez uses unborn children as a political convenience, just as Nancy Pelosi uses religion. On several occasions Speaker Pelosi has quoted scripture and likes to conjecture on "what would Jesus do" on immigration. Both members of Congress are strong abortion supporters, including the practice of "partial birth" abortion. So I guess either Peosi and Gutierrez are flaming hypocrites, or Jesus favors open boarders and abortion.

You can decide for yourself and cast your vote in November.

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