Thursday, July 8, 2010

Obama's Social Agenda

The politics of the end justifies the means.
From Neil Boortz:

Are you believing this? First we have the absolute refusal of the Obama Administration – and the Bush Administration before it – to protect our Southern border from the Mexican invasion and to enforce our immigration laws. Then we have the State of Arizona, besieged with crime, drugs and the costs that come with being the preferred crossing point for illegals. Finally Arizona has had enough and it passes it’s own immigration law. Actually, it’s a bit of a stretch to call this law “Arizona’s” since it does nothing but take already existing federal law and codify it at the local level. So … Obama’s reaction? Does he apologize for his inattention to the invasion? Hardly. He instructs his dog washers in the Department of Justice to file a lawsuit against Arizona. The lawsuit says that Arizona is “usurping federal authority.”

Let’s cogitate on this for a moment.

Federal law makes it illegal to cross the border into the United States without legal authorization. The Feds refuse to enforce the law.

Mexicans invade America across the Arizona border. Crime soars in Arizona. A rancher is killed. Phoenix becomes the kidnapping center of the U.S. Drugs flood across the border with the illegals.v The Feds do virtually nothing.

Finally Arizona passes a law making what is already a crime under federal law a crime under State law.

The Arizona law gives Arizona law enforcement the authority to do what federal law enforcement officers can already do … but aren’t.

Democrats see Hispanic votes slipping away if the law is enforced.

Obama instructs a lawsuit to be filed citing “usurping federal authority.”

Question: Robbing a federally insured bank is a federal crime. It’s also a crime under the statutes of the State of Arizona. Should the Justice Department file a lawsuit against Arizona demanding that Arizona law enforcement officials cease enforcing Arizona’s law against robbing banks because it usurps federal authority? Just wondering.

And what about this particular U.S. Justice Department? Is this the same Justice Department that dismissed charges against that white-hating member of the New Black Panther Party who has warned black males that if they ever want to be free they’re going to have to kill some white people and some white babies! The New Black Panther Party member who stood in front of a polling place in Philly during the last election waving a steel baton and making threatening remarks to white voters? THAT Justice Department? The same Justice Department that is headed by a man who pardoned terrorists who shot up the U.S. Capitol? Yup! That’s the same Justice Department alright.

So .. here’s the picture. The federal government is NOT going to secure our border with Mexico; at least not until amnesty for the criminal aliens who have already crossed is arranged. Votes for Democrats, you know. So while the Federal government sits on its hands Hispandering … Arizona acts, then gets taken to court.

Welcome to ObamaWorld.

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