Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Islamization of our Schools

California has always led the charge of political correctness. Now the same people who gave us Nancy Peolsi are incorporating Islamic history into their junior high textbooks. What could go wrong?

Fountain Valley resident Steven A. Jackson is asking the board to consider the introduction of supplementary material to be used with the district's current seventh-grade social science textbook. He contends that editions of the books adopted for use in California present “a totally positive view of Islam at the expense of accuracy. We expect schools to teach the truth."

Now some pesky group who call themselves "ACT! for America" are sticking their nose into something that is none of their business. ACT! for America is one of those crazy right wing groups that is always interfering. The people in California have complete confidence that their elected officials know what's best for them, and their children.

Of course the wise elected officials will not have any of it...

Fountain Valley School Board Superintendent Marc Ecker said he did not believe any immediate action would be taken on Jackson's proposal. He said the board would most likely decide to put the item on a future agenda for discussion or dismiss it immediately.

“What they're objecting to is material in a state-adopted book,” he said. “It's a state-adopted book for a number of reasons… I can't imagine the board spending a great deal of time on (this issue.)”

The people in California, always a step ahead of the rest of us, have been working with the Institute of Religion and Civic Values (formally known as "Council of Islamic Education", who also lease space from Fountain Valley School District) to ensure that the textbooks are completely and totally accurate(and politically correct!) when it comes to Islamic history.

Now some other outside agitators have jumped into the fray. "TextBook Alert", whose website claim to be "A source for accuracy", and that "The goal of Textbook Alert is to insure standards of education that are historically accurate and ethnically and culturally unbiased", so you just KNOW these guys are crazy.

Textbook alert has taken issue with the said textbook in question, issuing a list of nagging little inconsistencies between the 7th grade history book and actual history.

Textbook, Page 61: "Jews, Christians and Muslims also recognize many of the same prophets. Muhammad taught that prophets such as Abraham, Moses and Jesus had lived in earlier times."

Textbook Alert: "Judaism and Christianity do not regard Abraham, Moses or Jesus as prophets."

Textbook, Page 61: "Muhammad respected Jews and Christians as "people of the Book" because their holy books taught many of the same ideas that Muhammad taught."

Textbook Alert: "The Qur'an refers to Christians and Jews as "apes", "pigs", "dogs" and "worse than cattle". (Surahs [chapters 2:64; 5:59-60; 7:159-166; 7:176; 25:44.) This according to what Muslims regard as the word of Allah as revealed to Muhammad, is their belief about the true essence of Jews and Christians.''

Textbook, Page 83: "Muslims generally practice religious tolerance, or acceptance, with regard to people they conquered. In other words, the Muslims did not ban all religions other than Islam in their lands. Jews and Christians in particular kept many of their rights, since they shared some beliefs with Muslims."

Textbook Alert: "...The alternatives offered to conquered Christians and Jews are conversion to Islam, or death; they enjoy 'protection' only as they endure humiliation and severely restricted religious and civil rights...''

What's the truth? I guess the truth depends on where your standing. My suggestion is that you educate yourself and form your own opinions. I recommend author Mark Gabriel, born in Egypt he obtained a Ph.D in Islamic history from Al-Azhar University in Cairo, where he taught Islamic history until his father tried to kill him for questioning some of the basic teaching of Muhammad. Of course Mark Gabriel is not his given name. He changed his name in an effort to keep his head attached to his shoulders.

Knowledge is power. Educate yourself before this textbook finds it's way into your schools.

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