Friday, July 30, 2010

Another Case for Term LImits

More partisan games, congress remains more concerned with politics and getting re-elected then doing the people's business. Congress take a good bill that EVERYONE wants, and manage to turn it into pointless screaming match. A bill with 115 c0-sponsors that can't get passed. The best OBJECTIVE story about the details behind the back room shenanigans can be found at the Christian Science Monitor web site. Click text to read the complete article.

"In short, the story of Anthony Weiner and the James Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act is a parable of how obstruction, political brinksmanship, and an aversion to putting principle over politics – by both parties – resulted in institutional gridlock of both comic and tragic proportions."

Now we can expect Democrats to run campaign ads accusing their opponents of voting against providing the needed health care to the first responders of the September 11 attack. Disgusting.

Two of the 115 co-sponsors of the bill were still yelling at each other this morning on FOX:

Of course Rush has a few words about events, although here he was wrong about which party inserted the offending amendments.

And to cap it off, Hannity has them both on. At least here he is able to cut through some of the BS and ask Congressman Weiner a pointed question, several times.

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