Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More PR Issues for Islam

I'm not saying Islam promotes violence or anything. But maybe if some of the Imams got together they could hire the William Morris Agency to improve their image. These are just a few of the many news articles that float out on the internet on a daily basis.

While in the UK, event like could not only make Muslims look violent, but dumb. And what the world doesn't need right now is violent dumb people.

What could be worse PR then a good old fashion Islamic honor killing? How about fire bombing the wrong house. Silly Muslims. The problem is the UK boys are rank amateurs when compared to the major league teams in the Middle East. Recently 3 Israeli soldiers had their face cut off while they were still alive. Those Palestinians sure know how to throw a party. Maybe we should load up a boat of humanitarian aid to send them! If you think I'm making this one up, remember we live in the modern age of camera phones and internet video. But be warned, the video shows the results of exactly what happen. Video HERE.

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