Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Border Control Debate

I love to debate. I don't really mean to turn things into an argument, but I enjoy listening to the the intelligent opinion of others. But before you bring up immigration reform, spend 20 minutes on THIS WEB SITE.

Hundreds of people illegally enter the USA every day by simply walking unchallenged across our Southern border. Cartel involvement has brought increased organizational skills and even tunnels. Accurate statistics are impossible to gather, but the true nature of what is happening on our Southern border is staggering, and the general public remains largely uninformed.

www.borderinvasionspics.com has cameras set up that cover a very small percentage of the 1,952 miles of border between California and Texas, and yet they document on film hundreds of people illegally entering our county every day.

1) Control the border
2) Enforce current law

Don't bring up making changes to current laws if you are unable/unwilling to enforce current laws. Any new laws are as pointless as the current laws if we choose to ignore them anyway.

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