Saturday, July 18, 2009

Some days I can't decide which is more depressing, the Democrat's stimulus package that was rammed through without anyone reading it (hey, Princess Nancy didn't want to be late for her all expense paid by the taxpayer trip to Italy with her husband and entourage), or Obama's national health care plan that he is urgently pushing for approval before anyone can read the fine print.   

Of course with the great success of the stimulus package, what could possibly go wrong with a national health care plan.    No need to review the facts, as the MSM is too busy filling their 24/7 news cycle with the important details of Michael Jackson's children and the latest sighting of Jon and Kate.   To paraphrase the latest Jedi mind trick speech from The One, "these aren't the facts you're looking for.  Move along, nothing to see here".

May the force be with you.  

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