Saturday, July 18, 2009

The freedoms and rights granted to us by our constitution as US citizens opens the door for groups to use those same freedoms to attack our way of life.  Information regarding the "training of oppressed Muslims" here in the US of A.  Not sure what type of oppression they are forced to deal with here, but these camps appear to be quite different then the church camps I attended.  

I have no background information on "Christian's Action Network", and from a quick look at their web site, they appear to be a small group that meets around the kitchen table with the single purpose of putting out this information/video.

Hannity has a very narrow view of the world, and seems to take an interesting issue/concept/idea and beat that horse to a very painful death with a far right stick.   But that doesn't mean the issues he brings to light should be ignored.  

The backwoods of America is full of all kinds of neo-nazi, skinheads with equally fun and festive get-together picnics.  Maybe we could just round them all up, drop them all somewhere and let them go at each other.  Make a great reality TV show.   To boost the ratings we could drop Rosie O'Donnell in the middle to provide everyone a common enemy.  I know I'd watch. 

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