Sunday, July 19, 2009

Cost, Not Universal Coverage, is Top Health Care Concern for Voters

61% of voters nationwide say that cost is the biggest health care problem facing the nation today, according to a new Rasmussen Reports national survey.   According to a report released by the Congressional Budget Office July 18 enacting the Obama health care plan would result in a net increase in the federal budget deficit of $239 billion over the 2010-2019 period. That estimate reflects a projected 10-year cost of the bill’s insurance coverage provisions of $1 trillion.  CBO Director Douglas Elmendorf testified to congress that while the Obama health care bill increases the number of people covered, it does nothing to lower or control the cost of health care.  Why would Obama spend $1 trillion to fix the wrong problem?  

Perhaps the answer has been there the entire time, people just refuse to see it through all that "hope and change".  

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