Sunday, May 23, 2010

Obama Quietly Lifts Sanctions, Opens Nuclear Door for Iran

While you were sleeping on Friday night, the Obama State Department was quietly changing US foreign policy toward Iran. The Obama administration has made it a routine to release statements late on Fridays after the 5:00 PM news cycle. There has been speculation that this is done in order to keep changes in policy direction below the radar of the main stream media services. Today's 24/7 new cycle slows down over the weekend, people don't pay as much attention over the weekend, and maybe something else will knock it off of Monday's news cycle.

A cynical person may ask why is the Administration opening the door for Russia to supply nuclear technology to Iran? And why is it in America's best interest to supply anti-tank guided missiles to Syria?

You may have slept soundly in bed Friday night, however there were many people in Israel that didn't.

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