Saturday, January 16, 2010

More Bribes for ObamaCare

The most "open and transparent" administration EVER continues the process of pushing toward a health "reform" bill that will be accepted by both the house and the senate. As reported in the Washington Post, President Obama personally lead the negotiations behind closed doors:

Of course only those in attendance have the full details of what compromises and deals are being made. No republicans, no C-SPAN. Although some details have leaked out. When the powerful unions that supported the President in the election backed away from supporting the bill due to proposed taxes on their existing premium health insurance coverage, also known as the "Cadillac Plan Tax," the President made sure there was an $60 billion exemption for his friends. The tax is still there, he just created a exemption for union members.

From Philip Klein of The American Spectator:

Lower taxes for those that support the President and his agenda. Where is the outrage from those who said the Republican "Party of No" is creating a divide in American politics?

One heath care bill for two different Americas.

Change you can believe in.

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