Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Massachusetts Has a Racist Issue

For the two people that actually read this blog, this will make a perfect bookend to my last post. It was just a matter of time, but Olbermann came out with this even before all the votes had been counted. The citizens of Massachusetts that voted for Scott Brown are racist. Doesn't matter that Obama carried that state by about 27 points a year ago. The only logically conclusion that can be drawn from this sudden turn of events is that the Massachusetts voters have some hidden racial bias.

I'm familiar with the whole 'burning a cross on the front yard' thing that the clan has. But I never knew that driving a pick-up truck was the secret signal to identify each other. I guess it makes sense because you'd need a truck to carry the cross and gasoline in.

Watching Olbermann explain the Democrat loss in Massachusetts is like watching one of those really terrible contestants on American Idol. They are so convinced they are a great singer and are in such utter denial that upon hearing they aren't going to Hollywood, they insist on singing the song again and again until they are escorted out. Wouldn't that be a fitting end to "Countdown"? Having Keith Olbermann escorted out, live on the air, met by Ryan Seacrest for a tearful exit interview.

His first statement is very true, this is not pretty. How far out of touch with mainstream America does the Obama/Peolsi policies need to get before it's not about race?

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