Sunday, June 17, 2012

LIttle Hope for Real Change

What do these women have in common?

They are both famous for throwing softballs.

Roberts is a well known commodity to Team Obama.  She conducted the first official interview with Michelle Obama after she became First Lady, and has scored interviews with the President and First Lady since.  As Politico noted at the time, "...while respected inside ABC and throughout the industry as a skilled and experienced interviewer, Roberts was also viewed as a safe pick for the Obama administration, in part because she comes from the world of morning network television and rarely flexes any political muscle or attack-dog approach to journalism."

How sure was Team Obama that Roberts would not challenge the President with any serious followup questions?   

Pretty sure.

So after years of ridiculous "evolving" on the issue (can you say"Present"?), the President came out of the closet on gay marriage.  And ensured that he would not receive any serious questions.  Like, 'Are you going to put in place any actual policy changes to reflect your new belief?'.

And now the media world is in complete shock and disbelief that a reporter shouted a question at the President during a Presidential press conference.  This was such a breech of press protocol that AFI headlines referred to Daly Caller reporter Neil Munro as a "heckler" that needed to be "slapped down" by the President.     It has been noted that President Obama was not done with his prepared comments, and reporter Munro has stated that he thought the President was.   After all was said and done, the President didn't take any questions.  Very few in the news media made note of that, although many "just a blogger" web sites were quick to point that out.

It seems the only information coming out of the White House are the security leaks.  Which have been suspected of being released intentionally to prop up the President's image as polls show he continues to lose ground to Mitt Romney.

The White House denies any involvement in the leaks.   However after meeting with Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, Congressman Mike Rogers (R-MI) said, "We know, in some cases, someone from a segment of the media was present in a classified setting...suggesting that the agencies were directed to expand the scope of classified information they gave to the press".

This administration has blocked and stonewalled efforts to learn additional details that might shed light on it's decisions and motives.  Health care.  Solyndra.  White House vistor's log.  Solyndra.  BP oil spill and moratorium on drilling.

And of course we have Operation Fast and Furious.  Going back to October 2011:

The stonewalling of the House Oversight Committee investigation into Operation Fast and Furious has officially moved from the Obama Justice Department to the Obama White House. Chairman Darrell Issa requested an interview with White House national security director of North American Kevin O'Reilly last fall. The reason for the request? During a July 26, 2011 committee hearing, former Special Agent in Charge of the ATF Phoenix Field Division Bill Newell admitted to being in contact with O'Reilly in the White House about Fast and Furious. Emails also show the two were in contact. Newell wrote to O'Reilly on multiple occasions. One email said, "You didn't get this from me." Newell also sent O'Reilly a map showing where guns from gunrunner impact team operations were ending up at violent crime scenes in Mexico. O'Reilly shared information about the program with other White House staffers, national security official Greg Gatjanis and President Obama's senior Latin American Advisor Dan Restrepo. O'Reilly was conveniently shipped to Iraq after the revelation the White House had in fact been in contact about Fast and Furious, despite denying any knowledge of the program.

And the stonewalling continues: 

The Obama administration, through Attorney General Eric Holder, continues to ignore a congressional subpoena seeking access to documents and witnesses.

The administration of President Barack Obama is the most morally corrupt and and narcissistic since Richard Nixon.

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