Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Difference Between Republicans and Democrats

Or at least ONE of the differences...

Watching this clip is a 'laugh or cry' moment. You can literally see the pain on the face of EPA Deputy Administrator Mathy Stanislaus, a political appointee, as is is forced to say the word 'jobs'. And he refuses to admit there was no consideration of the impact of jobs in their economic studies ("directly" Vs "indirectly"???), and does everything he can to avoid providing a straight answer. I would think the +/- on jobs would be on the list of any first year Econ 101 student when looking at economic impact. If I were a betting man, I would put money on the Democrats putting jobs first on the list if the impact was positive. When it comes to saving fish, owls, or salamanders Democrats has no issue with the negative impact on the economy and jobs. Never mind that green energy is massively expensive and green jobs can't exist without huge amounts of government subsidies. Bio fuels have little impact on the overall pollution from cars, but have created another never ending government funded program and driven basic food cost spiraling.

Gardner is one of the House Republicans swept into office during last year's Tea Party movement. A movement that, according to Harry Reid, is dead. I'd say Gardner may have some life left in him yet.

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