Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Agenda Behind the Money Allegations

The Obama White House has been making allegations that "shadowy groups" and foreign interests are pouring money into to the midterm elections in an attempt to influence your vote and destroy our democracy.

On October 7, at a fund raiser in Bowie Maryland, the President said, "It is estimated the Democratic groups are being outspend seven to one. We're going to need to fight their millions of dollars with millions of voices."

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi D-(elusional) followed that up by claiming Democrats were being outspent eight to one. The Huffington Post, never one to miss a good liberal bandwagon said the numbers were $200 million from GOP leaning 527 groups compared to a paltry $7 million supporting the Democrat cause.

The Wall Street Journal did their own math and came up with a different answer:

So the math here comes out quit a bit different then what the President and his supports have been arguing. In fact it would appear possible that the unions are the largest spenders, which pushes overall spending more in the Democrats favor.

Of course raising concerns regrading your opponents fundraising is nothing new. Although most in the media have forgotten the untraceable money that came into the Obama Presidential campaign. Jim Geraghty of the National Review points out this inconvenient truth:

"Very few Americans seemed to care about these allegations of foreign donations or donations using stolen credit card numbers back in 2008. It interfered with the narrative, I guess, even though it would seem to be a fairly huge story; we are indeed talking about huge amounts. By one count, $63 million came to Obama from foreign sources. Even if that figure is exaggerated tenfold, this is still a big deal.

It’s not only hypocritical for President Obama, of all figures, to suddenly thunder about the menace of sinister foreign money helping the U.S. Chamber of Commerce; in 2008, we had actual evidence of foreign money ending up in Obama campaign coffers. (We had it in 1996 with Bill Clinton’s reelection campaign, too.) It was deemed a back-pages story and perhaps even a bit xenophobic."

So why would the President choose THIS message as the one to go after? Some have speculated it's because the Democrats don't want to talk about health care prior to the election. I have a different theory.

The President is looking to 2012. His fear is that of being a one term president. The history books will record him as the first black President*. That asterisk will add the footnote that his single term was spent pushing an agenda that was utterly rejected by the country, and his presidency was a complete failure that set the progressive moment back 30 years.

President Obama needs to win a second term in order to have history validate his agenda of 'Hope and Change' rather then simply note he was a good orator who became the most un-prepared and divisive president in history. And at this point in time with the coming tsunami about to sweep the Democrats out of majority, it appears the only hope the President has in winning a second term is to find a boogie man to blame it all on. What better then nameless, faceless "shadowy groups", akin to the "vast right-wing conspiracy" of the Clinton administration. 'They' are pouring money into negative attack ads, distorting both Obama's many accomplishments and his agenda. My belief is that we better prepare ourselves of hearing how Obama's message is being twisted, he is being blocked by the 'party of no' from forging ahead and pushing America to even greater heights.

No doubt he is counting on Americans forgetting his "I won" response to Republican looking for compromise, and of Republicans being locked out of committee meetings (he knows he can count on the media not bringing it up).

As things sit today, his only hope in getting re-elected is to spend the next two year convincing Americans that every one's lives would be better, if it just wasn't for all those phantom radical right wing groups who bought the election, and that wacky, racist tea party hijacking the Republican controlled House. Loosing the House in the 2010 midterms will be due simply to the election being bought in the worse corruption conspiracy since Bush stole Florida from Gore. The only thing standing between us and total destruction of our country is him. Our only hope for the future will be to keep in him office in 2012.

Otherwise he is just a guy who gave good speeches, who was grossly over hyped and under qualified for the office, and who became the most divisive President in history.

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