Saturday, November 7, 2009

Yes He Did

As reported by the Associated Press:


Members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus object to a provision in the Senate legislation — backed by the White House — that bars illegal immigrants from buying health insurance within a proposed new marketplace, or exchange, even if they use their own money to buy from private companies.

Illegal immigrants can buy private health insurance now, so some lawmakers say the White House position goes too far. The House bill doesn't have that language, and several members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus met with Obama at the White House on Thursday to tell him that if that changed, he could lose as many as 20 votes.

"I think that he got our message," Rep. Nydia Velazquez, D-N.Y., head of the Hispanic Caucus, said afterward.

House leaders said that, in keeping with the Hispanic Caucus' demands, there was not likely to be any prohibition added to the House bill against illegal immigrants shopping in the exchange.


So on September 9th, when President Obama told congress the Universal Health Insurance, provided health insurance through subsidies paid for by taxpayer money,  he did in fact lie.   And now that all estimates of  the financial costs of the plan will hit at least $1.2 Trillion (although President Obama and Speaker Pelsoi appear to be using different calculators), it becomes clear that this administration and the Democratic leaders in Congress will say anything to have their way.   Although unemployment has now hit 10.2%, the President continues to vote 'present' on the war while focusing on demonizing FOX News.   This administration focuses it's agenda on a bill that will disrupt 17% of our total economy, increases taxes and the federal deficit, with a massive increase in government bureaucracy.  The current bill being pushed provides government subsidized health insurance to non-citizens that includes payment for abortions.   Did he lie?  Yes.  Is this the change we were promised?   

Two words:  Term Limits.

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